Siren Song
Veröffentlicht am: 5. Juli 2020

Once they were sea nymphs, daughters of the river god Aheloy and the nymph Calliope. Ceres turned them into half-birds, half-women.
Because of their voices and musical talents, the vanity and pride of the sirens were so great that they once called Muses to compete in music.
The Muses won and punished the sirens by plucking all the feathers from their wings. Ashamed of their appearance, these half-female half-birds left the springs and valleys where they lived and hid among the steep coastal cliffs of southern Italy.
Later, they acquired the tail of a mermaid and became residents of the underwater depths.
With their beautiful, seductive voices, they drew the sailors to their death on the huge coastal cliffs. Their favorite musical instrument was the lyre or double flute. Sitting on the cliffs, sirens sang love songs, and anyone who heard them singing was immediately fascinated by him. He hopped overboard and was drowning.

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