What are chipboards?
Veröffentlicht am: 2. February 2019
Was sind Chipboards

What are Chipboards ? I’ve been asked this question a lot lately. It was clear to me when we started this shop that all scrappers, mixed media enthusiasts and card makers know chipboards, because I was the one who was the absolute late bloomer in this field. But far from it. That’s why I took this question as an opportunity to write a few lines about it here.

What are chipboards ?

What exactly are these chipboards? That is actually quite quickly explained. Chipboards or also a chipboard are individual forms or motives, which are usually manufactured from cardboard of the strength 1 – 1,8 mm. Since the precision is only created by a laser, however, they are not cut out, but lasered out.

What are chipboardsThere are almost no limits to the shape, motif or size, which of course benefits the individuality of each individual. One may say now “yes they are so thin, they will surely break fast”, he is subject to an error here.

Yes, of course I should not use them with construction worker gloves, because you need a bit of feeling, but especially because they are made of thinner material, which is also quite robust – think of the back of a writing pad – they can actually be used anywhere.

Where can I use chipboards ?

That depends on the direction you go. The scrapers, for example, use it to design their layouts. A nice photo that gets a chipboard frame looks completely different. Or also a writing on the layout, which describes the thoughts, the season or also the situation. But even with minibooks, flipbooks or explosion boxes, a chipboard can become a real eye-catcher. On the front cover of a minibook, e.g. a few chipboard butterflies for decoration and you get a 3D effect next to the new look.

Exactly the same it behaves with the card hobbyists. Depending on the theme or occasion for the card, you can put a nice lettering on your stamped card or on Christmas cards a tree or snowflakes next to the reindeer. There are really no limits to your imagination.

For mixed media enthusiasts like me, chipboards are essential. They bring dimension and structure to the project. A simple picture frame e.g. decorated with chipboards and all sorts of other accessories then becomes a vintage frame for old pictures. Depending on the season, a simple door wreath can be individually designed with flowers, snowflakes, Easter eggs or simply the respective favourite theme. The steampunk theme can be perfectly represented in three dimensions with gears or watches.

As you can see, chipboards can be used universally and are not bound to any direction, taste or preference.

What else can I do with chipboards ?

Here we have arrived at the topic of chipboard processing. Also here one has infinitely many possibilities. The easiest way is to separate the chipboard from the carrier or remove it from the packaging and glue it to the project. Simply in its natural state.

Chipboards can also be edited and here even I learn again and again – there are so many possibilities here. The newest one – which I learned from Nika from our design team – is stamping. She took the chipboard and simply stamped it with the stamp pad. The result isn’t even she told me but that’s probably what made her think it was great.

Another possibility is to emboss the chipboard. Just press the chipboard on the embossing cushion or the other way around, spread the embossing powder on it and blow dry. You might have to do that twice, but that’s always a little bit due to the stamp pad and the powder. Painting and stamping.

Chipboards can be colored with acrylic paint or Inka Gold and adapted to the respective project. But if that’s still too boring for you, simply use a stamp and a stamping ink of your choice over the coloured chipboard and immediately get a new look.

My personal favorite – besides embossing – is coloring with the Magicals or Sprays from Lindy´s Stamp Gang. I prime the chipboard with white Gesso so that the cardboard doesn’t absorb the liquid later. Either I blow dry everything until it is dry or let it dry in the air.

Afterwards I spray my chipboard with the sprays or I distribute a mini amount of the Magicals partially on the chipboard to activate them afterwards with water. This results in a very special color gradient because the Magicals are mixed from different pigments together. Depending on the intensity of the pigment and the amount of water you spray on it, the colors become darker or lighter.

Or you can even see an undercolor of the pigment appearing. Since all Lindy´s products except the “Flat” products have a shimmer, every project or chipboard will be unique with that certain glow.

Who lives just like me after the motto “glitter and shimmer always goes” is here exactly at the right place 🙂

So my dear ones, I hope, I could give you a small overview of the mystery chipboards and create a few general questions out of the world. Should you have any questions, please feel free to write me a message. I answer them very gladly.

See you soon….