The Wolf – Mixed Media watercolour painting by Belén
Veröffentlicht am: 16. September 2019

I am very happy to present you today the guest project of Belén (Instagram: marbelay_art). She will show you how she drew this picture with the Magic Paint colors of Fabrika Decoru. But before we start, you should read the story about the creation of this project – I think it makes you think.

“This project is inspired by my absolute belief in the interaction we all have in the cosmos. I believe that there is a higher power that connects us to the rest of the universe to a greater or lesser extent.

I think there is a red thread that connects us with certain people in one way or another no matter how far apart we are. That we are predestined to find ourselves in one way or another.

In some tribes they believe in the same thing, further they believe that human nature is always connected to that of a wild animal.

I could have chosen a bear, but I found the wolf more suitable for this work, which I enjoyed very much.

Despite their ferocity, wolves live in packs, taking care of each other and respecting their elders.

When they have to move on, the elders of the pack go ahead, so that everyone has to follow their rhythm and cannot stay behind, because the Alpha male protects the rest of his family/pack.”

The Wolf – Mixed Media watercolour painting by Belén

What you need:

– Watercolour paper (300g) in size A4
– a permanent marker of 0.4 or permanent ink to draw the image
– Fabrika Decoru Magic Paint Pigments (here we use: Emerald Green, Bright Blue, Mango with Gold and Indigo with Gold),
– which picture you paint is of course entirely up to you.

First you draw a sketch with a pencil. After that you draw it with the permanent marker to have nice black lines.














In a small container we now put the pigment Mango with Gold and add a few drops of water so that we can paint with the brush. The whole surface of the face, but only half of it, so that the paper stays wet and doesn’t dry before.
The paint is then applied in layers as it dries.













For the blue in the face we need more pigment, therefore we change now the mixing ratio. I used three parts pigment and one part water. So we get a beautiful, dark blue.








I also colored the moon with the blue pigment first and then I added some accents with the pigment Mango with Gold.








In the background of the picture I worked with two layers. I put Indigo and Bright Blue directly on the paper and moistened it with water. The lower part was only coloured with Emerald Green.








If the paper is still wet, we apply the MANGO colour pigment over it, but you don’t need to be careful, so some areas are drier than others. But the amount should be sufficient so that the color can “glide” and mix well. Here I worked completely without a brush.













Finally, we use a scalpel. As soon as the paper is dry, we scratch the surface of the paper with the scalpel to bring out the white of the paper and create a vintage effect.








Now it’s the wolf’s turn. It is painted with a red background and grey tones. I have drawn the whole contour with a permanent white marker. I used Indigo and Emerald Green in equal parts and worked with a brush and very little water (about 1ml). I put the focus on the green color.

Again I add Mango with Gold, but in a dry state so that it can mix with the other colours and absorb the excess water on the paper. In this way the colour becomes much more intense, especially at the edges of the moon.











Now I want to design the background on which the picture will be placed later. For this I use watercolour paper (300g) in A3 format.


Now comes the funny part, because all pigments are distributed on the sheet according to your mood – but make sure that you do not ignore the main colors of the picture.

The pigments are sprayed with a lot of water so that they can dissolve and create a beautiful flow on the paper. When the paper is almost dry, add some Mango with Gold to create some texture. And now we are actually finished.




Now I color the chipboards with the colors I used before for the picture. Of course you can do this according to your own taste. You can also paint them with a brush, but let them dry well afterwards, otherwise they may break due to the humidity.














And here you can see the finished picture!


I hope you like the project as much as I do.
Personally, the story about this picture has totally caught my attention and made me think.
Maybe you too.