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    Hey, my project today refers to this time of year – autumn. It is maintained in earth, brown and violet colors. I have customized the combination of two bases into one, which was the basis for the composition. As the main element there appeared frames with a message inside. Hej, mój dzisiejszy projekt nawiązuje do obecnej pory roku – jesieni. Utrzymany jest w kolorystyce ziemi, brązach i fiolecie. Niestandardowo połączyłam dwie bazy w jedną, która stanowiła podstawę do stworzenia kompozycji. Jako główny element pojawiły się ramki z przesłaniem w środku.

  • Craft manual

    Craft manual Vintage Mixed Media canvas by Alex

    Vintage is simply always beautiful. Mostly it is the old things from days gone by that fascinate us. Why? Because we don’t know it, I guess. Alex shows you today in her video, how she created this vintage mixed media canvas and thus reminds us of the magic of days gone by.

  • Craft manual

    Craft manual Mixed Media canvas by Tony

    Altering things is fun, because you breathe new life into a mostly old object and thus create something fantastic new. Tony didn’t use an old item for this, but maybe you can get inspiration for something that is lying around your home. 🙂

  • Craft manual

    Craft manual Mixed Media Canvas by Reniferove

    Mixed media canvases are very popular, because you can choose the surface you want to create. Depending on what size of canvas you choose. Iwona has made a new inspiration for you. In her video tutorial you can see how she created this canvas with soft colors and a very concise image.