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    Design Team Call 2020

    Welcome to our design team Call 2020, we’re happy that you’ re here, because this means that you are interested to be part of it. Here we list what we offer you as a design team member and what we expect from you. If you still have questions, just ask us. We are already looking forward to your application and keep our fingers crossed that you will be part of it.

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    Mixed Media Herz by Anika

    Are you ready for spring too? Are you fed up with all the sad and dark? Then you should definitely watch Anika’s video. She shows you how this mixed media heart was created. I wish you a lot of fun bringing some spring into your home.

  • Craft manual

    Craft manual Mixed Media doorplate “Home” by Nicole

    Most of the time you buy door signs. Whether this is what you imagined in the end is another matter. Maybe it is too big or too small, does not have the right shape, the colouring does not really fit etc. etc. But there is still our creativity 🙂 And why not make a door sign yourself? Nicole will show you today how you can easily make a door sign that exactly meets your expectations.

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    Craft manual Mixed Media card by Alex

    Cards are actually always needed, as there are enough occasions all year round to give them away. But do you feel the same way? Whenever you need a card, you don’t have one at hand. Annoying! Today Alex has an tutorial for you how to make a Mixed Media card and how to have at least ONE card in stock.