“Blue Beard” by Reniferove
Veröffentlicht am: 17. September 2019

Hello everyone 😊
Do you know the story of Blue Beard? No? Then I would like to give you the short summary of Iwona:
“To fully understand my project, you need to know the story hidden behind it. Ever heard about Blue Beard? I did and still can’t forget it. As a kid I had a big book with fairytales about princesses, magical forests, beautiful stories with good endings. Except one. I’m still shocked that Blue Beard is a children story but let me tell you long story short. Blue Beard is a story about rich man who owned beautiful house, embroidered furnitures and couches gilded with gold. But sadly he couldn’t find a wife, because of his blue beard which made him ugly no girl want to marry him. Only one girl was brave enough to give him a chance a decided to be his wife. About month later, Blue Beard had to leave for few weeks in bussines trip, so he left keys for all chambers to his newly married wife. He told her ‘you can open every room except the smallest one at the end of the hall; if you do, I’ll be very angry’. Of course she promised not to open this room but like every woman, she couldn’t resist and she opened the smallest room in the house. At first she couldn’t see a thing, because windows were shut, but after few moments she perceive entire floor covered with blood and several bodies of dead women (yes, it’s still bedtime story for children). These were all wives whom Blue Beard had married and murdered. She was shocked and she dropped a key on the bloody floor. She tried to clean a key, so her husband wouldn’t know she opened that room, but that key was somehow magical and no matter hard hard she was rubbing, wipping and washing it, blood didn’t come off..
So here we are, I’m giving you a portrait of Blue Beard. If you want to know how this story ends, I encourage you to read a full story, but maybe don’t read it to your children.”
In her video you can see how she made this project step by step. 😊 I wish you a lot of fun watching and imitating it.
See you next time

Here is a little gallery for you

Used Products:

SeeArt Heavy Body Gel
Brush Set (7 Brushes)
Quick Dry Tacky Glue
Clear Gesso
Heavy Gesso Black
Art Prosvet Mould – Key Hole 2
Art Prosvet Mould – Set of round frames
Metallic Wax – Red Wine
Metallic Wax – Green Gold
Tim Holtz – Found relatives cards