Craft manual Upcycling…”Cold Dreams”
Veröffentlicht am: 5. December 2019

Are you still looking for a craft manual for Christmas? Then Nicole has just the thing for you. In this tutorial she shows you how you can easily make a beautiful Christmas present, or the packaging for it, yourself.

The box first got a layer of white Gesso. With the stencil ” Wall ” from Artistiko and the ” Paper Texture Paste ” from Finnabair I got the structure.

Then I prepared my embellishments. I used castings from the moulds of Finnabair “Mechanica Mould” and “Stars and Moons Mould”. They were painted with white Gesso and afterwards I coloured them with the liquid acrylic paint “Deep Turquoise” from Finnabair.

Of course the box got some colour too! For this I diluted the liquid acrylic paint “Deep Turquoise” with water and simply sprayed it onto the project. Then I tested the arrangement of my embellishments.

The colour of the project lacked brilliance! I got it with the colour of Fabrika Decoru “Metallic Blue Shabby”.

Thus the overall picture was gradually created. Also “Art Stones” and “Mini Art Stones” could not be missing. I mixed them with white Gesso and 3D Mat Gel from Finnabair and put them on the box.

A few splashes of white Gesso, Deep Turquoise and a nice slogan from Finnabair’s Art Daily Sticker Pad “Sentiments” made the overall look perfect!

Verwendete Produkte:

Finnabair – Heavy Gesso white
Schablone “Mauer” von Artistiko
Finnabair – Paper Texture Paste
Finnabair – Mechanica Mold
Finnabair – Stars and Moons Mold
Finnabair – Liquid Acrylic Paint – Deep Turquoise
Fabrika Decoru – Metallic Paint – Blue Shabby
Finnabair – Art Stones
Finnabair – Mini Art Stones
Finnabair – 3D Matte Gel

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